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Hose Tagging

The advantages of having your hoses tagged and entered onto a data base are clear for all to see. Auditing becomes very straight forward and should urgent replacement become necessary for any reason the date when the hose in question was last inspected, manufactured, installed and pressure tested is clearly visible.

In addition to this if a hose should fail you can easily order an urgent replacement by quoting the unique hose tag number.

This system, if implemented may also be used to monitor specific areas for downtime or loss of production time due to machine failure. For example if a hose is continuously failing in a specific area then further investigation can be pursued to check whether the cause is a hose or application issue, machine issue or simply that the operator in this area may require further training in how to use and fit hoses. At the end of each year the hose purchases for every area together with associated downtime and lost production time may be reviewed and the results addressed accordingly.

In order to maintain optimum efficiency Flextech would also suggest that a quarterly visual inspection of your hoses is carried out either by a Flextech representative or a trained customers employee (full training will be given).