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T7420 || DIN 11851 Hygienic Hose Fittings



Made to the European specification – DIN 11851 are commonly used throughout Europe & the UK. Available in sizes from 1-4” (other sizes are available) & are made in 316L Stainless Steel, available with full material traceability. DIN Fittings can be identified as they use a Round four slotted nut and a D shaped Seal.


Hygienic or sanitary fittings are robust and sterile making them ideal for environments that demand cleanliness and hygiene. This includes process industries such as brewing, distilling, beverages, food stuffs, dairy, pharmaceutical, bio-medical and life sciences to name a few. Hygienic fittings are designed to be easy to clean, by either completely dismantling the system, or as part of a CIP process. Their design minimizes areas where bacteria could potentially collect and are corrosion resistant.

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